We are language specialists — through our unique network of over 100 associates spread across the length and breadth of the country, we promise to give you the reach and penetration that communication teams dream about. For over a decade (Communications India has been in operations since 2010), we have supported not only companies, but PR agencies and even Governments to communicate with the rest of India.

Typically, most organizations spend 90% of their communications budgets on reaching out to less that 10% of the Indian population. Because of the time and effort that is needed to effectively penetrate India in multiple languages and coordinating with multiple agencies, most organizations are unable to allocate the time and effort of their communications teams for this. And because English media gives us good numbers (even at 10 percent, the numbers are large over 10 billion), we remain focused on executing programs that are limited to English, or at best one more language.

What if there was one single agency that could deliver the rest of India on a platter at a fraction of the cost? What if we were to promise to broadcast your message from over a 100 centers, at less that 50% of the cost of dissemination to the English media?

You do what you do best — design your communication programs and materials — we will enable you to reach out to your customers, wherever in India they are. We can even provide focused targeting in specific geographies, depending upon your business needs and requirements.

We commit you to the reach and on-ground support across 100 small towns in India, be it media out-reach in terms of press releases or on-ground event support by our unique digital media platform "Narad Sanchar" a digital revolution developed by Communications India for media outreach requirement which broadcast and amplify your communication to your "Public" And we not only help you disseminate the message, we also complete the link by providing your media impressions from around the country — we are the ONLY clipping service in the country (perhaps in the world) with the ability to monitor language media across 100 locations and provide clippings. And we also provide language monitoring services for social media as well as on-line media.


  • Press Release Dissemination
  • Social media outreach in Indian languages
  • On-ground support for events and spokesperson interactions across 100 India small towns
  • Media Monitoring for print, online and TV channel
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Communications India

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